FS9 Scenery.cfg Changes

If you intend to you install TileProxy for FS9 it will add entries to your FS9 scenery.cfg. A back up is created in case you choose to uninstall the program later. However, it will not restore any 3rd party sceneries you installed AFTER installing TileProxy because the uninstaller restores the original scenery.cfg it saved at the time of the TP install. After TP installation there will be about about 90 new sequentially numbered entries created, and they look like this:

Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\TileProxy Photoreal World\0000

I have not located these entries in the FSX scenery.cfg so TP may hook into FSX a different way. I'll find out and update this page with the information.

For the record the TP Manual states:

"I provide an uninstallation option for the project. This should restore your fsx.cfg and scenery.cfg to the state before TileProxy was installed."

"If you installed addons after tileproxy (e.g. scenery, etc) that modified either fsx.cfg or scenery.cfg, a tileproxy uninstallation would also revert the changes the additional addons made."

You can circumvent this problem down the line should you have installed additional scenery and wanted to remove TileProxy, by removing only the TileProxy entries via the Scenery Library interface first and then back that up. After TP uninstalls use your backed up version and you'll have retained any scenery added after your TP install.

Any further questions can be directed to the author at the TP Forum .