A. Decide on the Texture Service to use:

Changing the map service TP loads only takes a moment to do and involves switching just one of the "#" entries in the ProxyUser.ini file. The current TP version (Beta 8 - "Tileproxy_Beta8_Oct28.zip") is able to download textures from any of the following online map services for use as ground textures:

MSN VIRTUAL EARTH at http://maps.live.com/
YAHOO MAPS at http://maps.yahoo.com/ and
ASK MAPS at http://city.ask.com/city

Also: www.flashearth.com lets you compare all 4 services in one handy browser window.

If you're not sure which service to choose, just use the links above to zoom into and browse around your preferred area to fly (make sure to activate their online aerial or satellite textures tab), and see which service provides the best coverage for your tastes. I have found that for flights in the continental USA TileProxy's "Service 3" (Yahoo Maps) provides the most realistic color and consistency over most states. Thus, my INI files are currently configured to use Yahoo! Maps as the texture server. Google or MSN Virtual Earth or even Ask may be better for your area.

B. To change to a another Map Service:

Simply open the ProxyUser.ini file in a text editor and edit the "#" signs in front of the "source=" entries so that that the service you wish to use is the only one without a "#" sign.

For example, to change from the currently configured Yahoo! Maps (Service Example 3) to Virtual Earth (Service Example 1) would look like this:


#source=Acme Globe Service (Fake Example)
#source=Service Example 1 (Virtual Earth)
source=Service Example 3 (Yahoo Maps)
#source=Service Example 4 (Ask.com)


#source=Acme Globe Service (Fake Example)
source=Service Example 1 (Virtual Earth)
#source=Service Example 3 (Yahoo Maps)
#source=Service Example 4 (Ask.com)

In this example, we've simply switched the only entry without the "#" sign from the (Service Example 3) line to the (Service Example 1) line.

Note: Do not add the parenthetic "(Virtual Earth)" parts to your ProxyUser.ini file.
I've put them there to simply to reference the respective services they call up. Leave looking them like this:

#source=Acme Globe Service
#source=Service Example 1
#source=Service Example 3
#source=Service Example 4

Again, make sure the service you wish to use is the only one without a "#" sign. This makes it the active service. Then, save your INI changes.