SIRP (Stikine Icefield Research Program) for Tongass Fjords:

Based on it's real world counterpart, the JIRP (Juneau Icefield Research Program), SIRP places 10 isolated research camps at various locations in the vast Stikine Icefield that straddles the Alaska/British Columbia border. This area has been beautifully rendered with glacial textures and accurate landclass in the Tongass Fjords scenery package, but has often remained a rarely traversed and under appreciated region. There's a great deal of stunning wilderness scenery out there, and it's our hope that this package will provide flyers an opportunity to challenge their VFR skills while visiting some interesting Icefield destinations. These camps vary from well equipped regional supply centers to lonely, wind battered outposts. In addition, all new fire, smoke, and blowing snow effects for FS9 have been specially designed for this release in an attempt to bring a unique "arctic wilderness" feel to the scenery. This is a Freeware Release. Scroll down for more previews of SIRP. Download at bottom of Page...

Evening at TFG7 aka "Dawes Camp"

The SIRP Manual:

SIRP Manual (HTML Version)

SIRP Manual (PDF Version)

Movie Clips:

1: Intro

2: Blowing Snow on Peaks

3: Ground Polygons at Taxi Areas

4: Beaver Landing at TFG7

5: Dusk Delivery

6: Idiot Wind......

7: Porcupine Camp (TFG1) Sample

8. Field Expeditions

Sound Clips:

"Darlene" at Camp 5 radios a pilot to see if "Charlie" is bringing his dog to her cafe again.

"Rachael" at Camp 6 discovers a new ice fracture on Baird Glacier.

A resident of Camp 3 complains about the DVD selection at camp.

The SIRP Automated News and Weather Information Broadcast.

Still Photos:

TFG7 snowdrifts and blowing snow

Peaks above TFG7 with snow blowing from summits

Oil Barrel, white out, and research lodging at TFG9 aka "Tracy Perch"

Runway and taxi ground polygons at TFG8 aka "Sawyer Saddle Camp"

Blowing snow obscures sno-cats at TFG3 aka "Patterson Camp"

A calm evening at TFG6 aka "Ice Camp" near Baird Glacier

Cold winds scour the peaks of their snow cover near TFG7

Mid-day sun and snow tracks at TFG8

A peak reveals winds above TFG1 aka "Porcupine Camp"


SIRP Map - TFG  (i.e. Tongass Fjords Glacier) camps 0 thru 9 Locations:

DOWNLOAD SIRP at Misty Moorings

After installing SIRP visit

SIRP Fixes, Issues, and Troubleshooting Page

SIRP is an enhancement for Holger Sandmann's "Tongass Fjords" payware package available at:

Tongass Fjords at FS Addon

You will need to have this package installed to view all the scenery elements in SIRP.